Monday, July 16, 2007

Sad News

Hey my people. I was just informed that.......Zeno, is....dead. She died on the plane back to the US. The man who owns her said that he got really mad at the officers when they told him. At least we know that Zeno is in a beautiful and happy place right now. She is probably playing with all of her new little puppy friends right now. Well, I guess that's it. I just wanted to let you all know. I will talk to you all later. Let's just take this tragedy as a reminder that we can't let these poor animals die, just because no one will adopt them. Please adopt a homeless animal today. They all really need your help. If you would like to know about any of the animals, just leave a comment. Thanks. And may the good Lord be with the man who owned that precious little dog. If you would like to e-mail him, his e-mail is

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Cool Chick said...

Hey, what's up? that is sooo sad about that dog I was very sad to hear it! you care about animals soo much it's great!, Hey by the way thanks for the comments on my blogspot! you are halarious! I love you little sis! I miss you! Have a good night!